Our Team

Tamara Owner Lead Design
TAMARA | owner/lead designI feel so fortunate to have found floral design. The colors, textures, scents, changing of seasons all of natures gifts are so inspiring to me. Starting out in life I dabbled in costume/fashion design & had a love for all types of art forms. I completed a B.S. in Communication at ASU & entered the corporate world. I immensely missed the creative arts & longed to begin my own company. As a self taught floral artist I begin designing for friends & co-workers to build up my confidence & in early 2006 I took a huge leap of faith & Petal Pusher was launched! It began out of my home with my husband in our garage/spare room & has blossomed into a full design studio/showroom. To be able to create living pieces of art for memorable occasions is greatly fulfilling.

Matt Owner Operations

MATT | owner/operations 

I spent years in the culinary arts before Petal Pusher was born. One interesting thing I found was the similarities between florals and food. How combining certain florals (ingredients) can create a work of art. How simply changing the amount and structure of the florals, like with a food recipe, will create a completely unique piece. Just like in a kitchen, prep is key, getting ready to create is the most important part of the event. Customizing the proposal for each specific event, ordering the florals and decor, prepping and processing, producing the custom look and finally the event day comes and the final look is served. It’s all in the details, making sure the florals are specific, buying a higher quality flower will yield an end result that is noticeable and worth the extra cost. An art form for the day that results in memories for a lifetime. Do what you love!     

Sherrie Designer
SHERRIE | designer Sherrie has been in the floral industry for 15 years. She attended the Phil Rulloda School of Floral design and received her certification as a floral designer as well as a her Arizona Master Florist Certification. Sherrie’s creative and artistic abilities extend to arts & crafts, interior decorating, sewing & dried botanical design. “It took me many years to realize my true passion in life. My love of design & flowers lead me to expand my career into fresh florals. This was my passion and I started my own wedding and event business. I have learned so much over the years and each person I have worked with has made me evolve into the designer I am today. I truly love and have a passion for flowers and the beauty they produce”.

Veronica Designer
VERONICA | designer Veronica has always been drawn to all forms of art & has been painting, focusing mainly on abstract art since the age of 16. Many of her works have been displayed at local coffee shops – though she does admit she has a hard time parting with any piece. “ As an artist, designing at Petal Pusher allows me to continue on my creative path. I know when I step into the studio I am going to see and experience something beautiful everyday. Anyone who knows me will tell you I love everything I do! From the simplest piece to the most exquisite. The greatest part about my job is knowing that I played apart in making someone’s day”.

Jake Production

JAKE | production 

Jake is our youngest team member and has been with us from the beginning. Jake has grown as Petal pusher has grown, from doing odd jobs around the studio to producing entire events on event day. Finding people who understand your philosophy and will help you achieve your vision is a rare thing. We feel Jake has been and continues to be a huge part of our continued growth. Jake’s vision is fresh and uninhibited, opening up possibilities and unexplored artistic adventures!